Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tower of Strength

I've just been dealing with the Tower of London, booking a group in for the autumn.

This is of course a huge and busy tourist attraction which, frankly, doesn't have to be extra nice, at least in the short term. People will go there anyway.

So what a pleasant surprise it was to be dealt with in a friendly, co-operative manner by the lady on the telephone who was there, who had all the answers, who knew what she was doing and who above all, sounded as though she was pleased we were going.

Some (not all but some) attractions in the Midlands that I've had dealings with under similar circumstances might do well to learn from their colleagues at the Tower. At some of them, large and small, I've had problems with being made frankly unwelcome with groups in the past year. I hope it's not a trend.......

(To praise the Midlands for once though, the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust deserve a mention here for having improved their welcome immeasurable over recent years.)

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