Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunshine, Doctor Who and the NHS: a varied weekend

I know we’re always supposed to be delighted with the fine, sunny weather and I confess I do like to be able to walk around in some sunshine without a coat.

However, this weekend has seen the sort of temperatures in which I can only really survive in a swimming pool. And certainly not in a collar and tie walking around towns explaining relevant and amusing tales to people…….

On Saturday, I spent a whole day showing a group various sites around London associated with Doctor Who. It was necessary to leave my long woollen scarf behind, although I did take the sink plunger. (Yes, really.) Fortunately only after I’d finished for the day and was enjoying a rather pleasant pizza in Borough High Street did the heavens open and the rains come! It reminded me of the sort of weather you get in Northern Queensland, where a spectacularly hot day in followed by a “late storm”. Actually, Borough High Street isn’t that much like Northern Queensland, to be honest but I can dream.

Yesterday I ran a brand new tour in Wantage, the birthplace of Alfred the Great and (more importantly for me) long-time home of Sir John Betjeman. Again, it was bright and sunny and pleasant. It’s just that I wanted to be at the beach or in the garden having a barbecue and instead I was in a collar and tie working.

I’ve two jobs today, too. However, they’re in the afternoon and evening, so am I enjoying a morning off? Oh no. Mum has had a hospital appointment for tomorrow (TOMORROW!) cancelled. The same department did the same thing with the same lack of notice last December and I had a long and protracted discourse with the head of department who said they’d put in new procedures to stop this happening. Plainly this was drivel, so she’s getting a phone call at 9.00am.

I’ll keep you posted!

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