Friday, 5 June 2009

Something for the Weekend

Having spent today doing all the sort of domestic stuff "normal" people do at the weekend, we're off out for a meal tonight with freinds to one of our favourite restuarants before I settle down to a weekend of, er, work.

Still, it's all stuff to look forward to. Tomorrow I have a tour of Birmingham's iconic Number 11 Outer Circle bus route for a private group. Although following a bus route - and one through suburbia at that - might not seem a particualrly attractive option at first sight, it is in fact filled with all sorts of points of interest from a Roman road to Birmingham's oldest pub and people from a fictional policeman to a "White Ogre".

Then on Sunday I'll be heading west to the lovely, lovely city of Bristol, one of my favourites. I'll even be looking up the home of my Great Great Grandfather which I think is still standing.

All I need now is a few hours of dry weather.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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