Monday, 31 October 2011

Spud - We - Like

Some of you will know that our garden, once an overgrown wilderness, has in the last couple of years been transformed if not exactly into something from Chelsea or Shrewsbury, at least into something neat and inhabitable. Our oft-mentioned "Beach Hut" has also meant that we've spent a lot more time outside than in and we've enjoyed every moment of it.

Not being very horticultural, though, one thing we don't have much of is.......soil. Which was fine by us until we started dabbling in growing potatoes. We invested in a couple, then three and then FIVE of those green polythene bags and some cheap seed potatoes and in no time at all the "patio" (Louise's word; I call it "the yard") resembled a mini-jungle.

Well in the last couple of months we've enjoyed a steady stream of spud which - while not always looking especially wonderful - have certainly tasted so.

This afternoon, we lifted the last of the crop which wasn't bad at all, so we'll have a few weeks of them yet.

Very exciting!

Friday, 28 October 2011

I'm Back!

I really ought to get the Blog going again, hadn't I?

It's been over TEN MONTHS since I've posted anything. Always mean to but somehow the rather, er, "busy" year that it's been and the fact that it's often simpler and quicker to post a solitary line or phrase on Facebook (or now Twitter which I've finally embraced as well) has left the poor old Blog somewhat on the sidelines.

So here I am, back. What can I post about?

The launch of a short series of "public walks" (ie ones that anyone can book on, just turn up and pay)?

The fact that it's being a bumper year for Ghost Tours around Hallowe'en?

The pitching of tents in London, Birmingham and Bristol to protest at.......well, er, like , everything and er, the system, like you know?

Or the change to the laws of Royal Succession?

Or the fact that the Queen took a ride on a Melbourne tram the other day?

Or something else?

I'll get back to you. And preferably not in ten months' time.