Wednesday, 17 June 2009

From Good Day to Bad Day

Long day today but a very enjoyable one.

I did a panoramic London tour today for a mostly American group. (Memo to self…….don’t do irony, it’s not transatlantic.)

Then this evening I had a two hour walking tour of Maidenhead of all places. It’s not superficially a town to promise much but in fact it’s a thoroughly enjoyable place to show to people. Happily, it was a really responsive group, too. When I hear someone saying “I’d never thought of that before” or “I come this way all the time and I’ve never noticed that” it makes everything, the preparation, the travelling, the learning, all worthwhile. It made me feel just great.

Off to Oldham tomorrow (Thursday) for Grahame’s funeral. He came down here to see us marry; we think it’s the least we can do to go North for him one last time.

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