Tuesday, 30 June 2009

In Defence of Trident

"The recession” seems to be used as an excuse for everything these days. Everyone seems to want to be charged less for everything or get special “credit crunching” deals. While this might make sense as a short-term marketing strategy, given that suppliers of goods and services have the same bills to pay, it’s not something that can hold up in the medium to long term. I can’t afford to charge clients less for what I do, irrespective of general economic conditions. Frankly, I don’t want to become Woolworth’s.

And so, to link my charges for tourism services to the cost of a nuclear deterrent for Britain…….

I find it truly bizarre, that we are even considering abandoning the UK’s nuclear capability. Future generations would marvel at ours’ naivety in maintaining nuclear weapons for half a century and then abandoning them just at the time when unstable, dangerous countries such as North Korea and Iran are apparently on the road to getting the bloody things.

We may not be the USA, Russia or even China but I feel safer for the deterrent and think its (hefty) price is one can can’t afford not to pay.

I think I might search out a “Keep the Bomb” sticker for my 2CV.

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