Monday, 22 June 2009

Mobile Upgrade

Although going through what is generally termed a “busy patch” at the moment, I managed to find time yesterday to change my mobile phone.

My previous one was starting to develop some minor hiccups and – as I’ve been using it more and more to access the World Wide Web on the move - I thought it was about time I upgraded.

My initial enquiry in a mobile shop in London resulted in a Spotty Youth [TM] managing to patronise me about how old my previous model was (“like two whole years, man”) and to try to blind me with technology. The latter at least, I had some defence against. When a phone’s “HD TV” capabilities were pointed out, I felt it necessary to point out firstly that “HD” would be a bit pointless on a 3” screen and secondly that, er, no, mobile TV isn’t HD at all. His defence to that was that “HD just means it’s digital”! Yeah, right…….

Anyway, after finishing a job yesterday, I visited the Orange Shop at Merry Hill (don’t these shopping places get busy at the weekend?!) and found the epitome of a helpful, clued-up shop assistant, called Lee. He went through several options, explained stuff clearly and sold me what looks like a fun piece of kit which goes under the name of a Nokia 5800. To be fair, it can do all manner of things I don’t understand but then every mobile I’ve owned since about 2002 has been able to do that. This one provides music, TV (poor old standard definition), GPS and a camera,; and those are just the things I’m not likely to use. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a setting that enabled it to rustle up a quick casserole for those unexpected guests.

I’m especially impressed though that it can synchronise with my diary, send texts and even allows me to make phone calls.

“Whatever will they think of next.”

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