Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ian Jelf Single Handedly Funds the Royal Mail!

I’ve just had to pay £2.48 in VAT charges for a model bus I ordered from Australia. No problem, it’s outside the EU and I’m happy to pay any taxes due.

To my amazement, though, on top of this sum I’ve had to pay a whopping £8.00 extra to the Royal Mail for the privilege of handling this matter for me.

How can Royal Mail be in financial difficulties if they do this? I feel like I’m personally paying to bail them out!


  1. Harking back to one of your previous posts, maybe they can't afford to be Royal any more? :-)

  2. Hi Ian,
    It's not only the Royal Mail that does it. Here in Israel books (and other things - but at random - they don't have enough staff to do them all) that come (especially from Amazon) get clobbered with VAT _and_ the "extras". Even stranger is that even though it is meant to be VAT - you don't get a proper tax invoice that Accounts can claw back on - and the "extras" go into the deep pockets of you know who!