Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Journey Speeded by Culture

I’ve posted before about what a wonderful resource BBC Radio 4 is and how lucky we are to have it.

I drove back from a job in Oxford this afternoon and was enthralled for the whole journey by a combination of the Afternoon Play and an edition of “Open Country”.

The Afternoon Play, Normal and Nat was a disturbing but enthralling account of a schoolgirl who hears voices, while Open Country World War II Secrets of the Peak District looked at the area of the National Park closest to Sheffield and in particular its role in the Second World War. Tales of French Canadians practicing for D-Day and the remains of test fired ammunition vied with an amazing account of how an artist “decorated” the ground to resemble a railway yard to try to attract enemy bombers away from the actual City of Sheffield for attention.

It was one of those car journeys where you’re just praying that you won’t get home before the programme ends!

That’s the thing with Radio 4. You press the button and something interesting comes out.

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