Wednesday, 12 August 2009

From Dinosaurs to Cafe Rouge

We’ve been to see “Walking With Dinosaurs” at the NIA tonight.

It was Louise’s birthday treat and to be honest I didn’t think it was really my sort of thing. Obviously, I’m often accused of being a dinosaur but that’s not quite the same as empathising with them.

However, I’ve come back in and started typing this almost straight away because I was so impressed with it. You spent a whole chunk of the performance trying to work out “how they did it”; but it was also an entertaining wander “through the ages” (literally, of course). And it was good to see something which attracted such a wide range of ages. In a country where people tend not to socialise between the generations, this really stood out.

If I’m going to be grumpy (moi?!) it was being asked to pay an extra £1.50 at the merchandise stall for using a debit card (a debit card, mind you, not a credit card). That aside, though, if you get the chance, go along (it’s on until 16 August 2009).

Incidentally, beforehand we ended up eating at Café Rouge. Normally, with their faux-French over-translated signs, I tend to dismiss this particular chain as being about as French as Morris Dancing. However, I was pretty impressed with our experience there too, tonight, especially as they had merguez on the menu. (That’s a spicy North African sausage normally only found in ethnic fast food stalls in bits of Paris where even the pissoir has an armed guard.) The coffee was pretty brilliant, too.

All in all…….a Good Evening.

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