Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Work, Life, Satisfaction and Happiness

I do ponder sometimes about the breadth and scope of what I’m lucky enough to do for a living.

I wouldn’t pretend for a moment that showing people interesting places ranks with one of the world’s great professions or that I “change” things or even “make them better”.

But despite what I might sometimes wearily imply, my daily life doesn’t solely revolve around getting disinterested people on and off coaches, pointing the way to toilets and souvenir shops and worrying about deadlines. Well, it often includes deadlines but that’s about it. It would appear that I can entertain people and I revel in it.

Take my forthcoming job on Sunday. I’ll be working in Weston-super-Mare.

It’s the third different themed walk I’ve done in the town for a regular customer and the preparation for it has variously led me into stories of a Governor-General of India, a Shropshire authoress, Cardinal Newman and the luminosity of stars. I love doing Weston; it’s not technically my “patch” I suppose but I bend the rules a bit by claiming that it is effectively Birmingham-on-Sea! The place is endlessly interesting to me and surprising to clients. Nothing – absolutely nothing - gives me more of a “buzz” than feeling people are interested, surprised or intrigued by something I show them. It’s the showman in me, I suppose.

Iwouldn't rule out a change of direction, if only to avoid getting into a rut; but no two days are ever the same and – in an upbeat mood – I give thanks that I’m lucky enough to say that.

(Hope I haven’t tempted fate now.)


  1. your walk certainly changed my life !

  2. Well, you are a natural Ian, just wish you had been my history teacher at school, but as im older than you that would have been tricky!