Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bin Day

The dustmen have been this morning.

I can tell this because they’ve left us the wrong empty dustbin and a trail of waste across the pavement. Last week they left about ¼ of the contents of the garden waste bin in, er, the garden waste bin.

The Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell strike again. Well done, chaps.


  1. Is it still literally "dustmen", multiple workers manually emptying (or not, as the case may be) bins into the truck? Or all single-person vehicles with semi-automated arms on the truck, such as this:

  2. God help us all if we have to go over to wheelie bins: I've literally nowhere to put one, and have to leave the recycling bins in the front garden as it is!

  3. It is still "dustmen". As far as I'm aware, nowhere in Britain has single-person bin collection.

    Wheelie bins suit us.......but then we have space for them; there's no "one size fits all" solution for this.

    Here in Sandwell we have three bins:

    Blue Lid Wheelie Bin for recycling

    Green Lid Wheelie Bin for garden waste and

    Conventional dustbin for everything else.

  4. My fav' is our paper bin they have given us. We are told we should shread our letters with personal detials on, then we get a box with no lid!! I guess the local mice are happy to have free bedding when the wind blows it in their direction.