Monday, 17 August 2009

Back Home

We’ve been away camping for a few days down in Cheddar (which neatly dovetailed into a job I had yesterday in Weston-super-Mare).

I like camping very much and – provided you have good weather (which we did) – it really does have a sense of getting away from it all.

The downside of this has manifested itself this morning, though. The house now looks as though a small and highly-localised hurricane has just swept through it with assorted bits of equipment spread everywhere: innumerable folding tables, shelters, matting, bedding, pumps and chargers to name but a few.

I ought to be putting it back but it’s a choice of that or sorting out new walks before a meeting this afternoon. Not to mention 42 e-mails.

Tidying up has just lost.

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