Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday City People

I'm used to being in Birmingham City Centre (or lots of other City Centres, to be honest!) early on a Sunday morning.

This morning, though, while waiting to meet a group to do a tour of Birmingham's famous Outer Circle 11 bus route, I found myself idly wondering what all the other people (and there were many) arriving in the City that early were on their way too. It was too early to be shop workers arriving for Sunday trading so who were they?

Was Birmingham getting torrents of other people arriving for witty, offbeat panoramic double decker tours with other witty, offbeat tourist guides?

Were they all hurrying to take up jobs in 24/7 call centres which used to be done overseas but which have now been relocated to Birmingham as our economy picks up?

Were they council administrative workers, eager to catch up on the backlog of things they couldn't get done when they were prevented from getting to work by the snows a couple of weeks ago?

Or was there some other more sinister reason?

I think we should be told!

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