Sunday, 10 January 2010

Olympic Pause

I’m currently half way through a course in London studying the venues to be used in the 2012 Summer Olympics, staying with friends in North London and being Northern Line commuter for a week or so. Great, I'm getting to admire some splendid Charles Holden architecture twice a day!

Anyway, despite the weather and “unpredictable” road conditions, I’ve been home for the weekend.

Weekends off are a strange experience for me, as they’re obviously among my busiest days for work. However, Louise and I popped into Birmingham yesterday morning (I needed to find a copy of “Chariots of Fire” on DVD as material for my course!) I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: what a horrible experience shopping in major centres is on Saturdays. I get spoiled by being able to indulge in such things on – say – a Tuesday morning!

The media do tend to get their knickers in a twist about the weather, though, don’t they? While I admit it’s been a difficult spell with the very low (sorry, “plunging” temperatures), as far as motoring on main roads goes, there have been no huge problems for us. Side roads are a different matter but the thought of local councils ploughing narrow residential streets lined with parked cars is really a non starter.

The press do love to do their “the glass is half empty rather than the glass is half full” routine, don’t they? Actually, in recent reports for “glass” substitute “salt depot”.

Anyway, in between all this I’ve been typing up notes (my handwriting is appalling; it’s so long since I’ve taken longhand notes) and just generally relaxing.

Just about to enjoy a “proper” and very late breakfast before setting off back South this afternoon. Now, what do I know about Theodosius I…….?

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