Saturday, 23 May 2009

So here I am

I’ve been pondering for some time the idea of setting up a blog.

Those that know me will attest that I usually have quite a lot to say and this seemed like a way of getting to a slightly larger audience.

So why me and what do I have to offer the wide world of the, well, World Wide Web?

Born in the English City of Birmingham in 1964, I arrived, by a somewhat circuitous route, at a “career” as a professional tourist guide in the late nineties.

One thing I’ve always had a deep pride in is my native city. For all its bad points (and there are many), it is truly a city without equal and I am very, very proud to call it my own. In 1992, almost as a part-time hobby, I became involved in guiding on the then new open top tour buses there.

Work throughout Western Europe followed and – this is the abridged version you understand – I ended up a professionally qualified tourist guide in both the Heart of England and in London.

For a decidedly geeky bachelor (I list buses, trams and a Citroen 2CV among my hobbies, for goodness’ sake!) life took an unexpected turn in the new Millennium when I met and subsequently married a lovely lady by the name of Louise. (Yes, I’m biased but it’s still true.)

And here we are. I wonder what I’ll have to say?

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