Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Beards are funny things.

I've had mine for about 15 years (grew it on a canal boat holiday when I was too lazy to shave) and people always think it's just a question of "not shaving".

In fact, in order to look even vaguely presentable, it sometimes takes what seems like hours of trimming, cutting and shaping. Thus, I get more use out of the shaving gifts I periodically get than most people might assume.

Because of the work involved, I do periodically flirt with the idea of shaving it off but Louise has always cautioned against that (she's probably afraid of what lurks beneath!) and that would then, I suppose, lead to the slippery slope of a complete shave once or twice a day.

Ho hum.

A: "I had a beard like yours once and when I found what it made me look like, I had it cut off."

B: "And I had a face like yours once and when I found I couldn't get it cut off, I grew a beard!"

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