Monday, 25 May 2009

I Want to Get Back to Work

Work is easy. Not for everyone of course. People struggle with medical emergencies, fight for our freedom, climb into burning buildings and so on. But for most people, work is, relatively speaking, easy.

It certainly is for me. Although I might moan about traffic, late groups, unreasonable expectations and all manner of other things, truth to tell, I just stand in front of things, reel off a few facts and then move on.

The difficult part, I’ve realised today, is much more likely to happen during what might laughingly be called “leisure time”. In the last few hours, I've had to deal with:

* Moving furniture around in a house with slightly less capacity than the furniture in it

* Carpet damage caused by a faulty freezer

* A terrified cat with a temporary but spectacular bladder problem

* A wrecked dustbin

* A broken fence

* A dead fox

* and maggots

Other than that, it’s been a blissful day. I can't wait to get back to work…….

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