Friday, 29 May 2009

Oak Apple Day

It's Oak Apple Day today, Charles II's birthday and the anniversary his restoration to the throne in 1660. Bign news in Worcester where they decorate the front of the Guildhall with oak apple blossom (or at least they used to).

Staying with matters vaguely horticulatural, I've had to replace four fence panels in the garden today. I knew I should have enrolled in that "Fencing for Beginners" thing that SPICE Birmingham ran a few weeks ago.

That (and loads of very dull paperwork) out of the way, we had a barbecue tonight. Good to see the patio furniture getting some use at last. (Not that I think we have a "patio"; I grew up calling it a "yard" but Louise insists.......)

Early start tomorrow as I've jobs in London and (on Sunday) Oxford. Coincidentally, they're both for different SPICE groups, so I'm happy to acknowledge SPICE London and SPICE Thames Valley as regular and much appreciated users of my services!

I bet I'll be the only bloke in London tomorrow carrying an umbrella.

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