Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Freezer Factor

I'm wondering why our new, bigger freezer apparently has a lower capacity than our old, smaller one. This became apparent earlier this evening when I was temporarily engaged in transferring the contents of one to the other. The whole process resembled one of those puzzles they used to set people years ago on The Krypton Factor. when I eventually managed it (sort of), I felt like stepping back and waiting from a round of applause from an unseen studio audience.

Talking of television, much of the rest of the evening seemed to be occupied by Britain's Got Talent. We've never really been ones for reality television shows. In fact, we don't watch that much telly at all. Just Doctor Who and Have I Got News For You, really. for some reason, though, we seem to have become fascinated by BGT all of a sudden. Quite a mixture of acts (putting it charitably). Fantastic little Welsh 12 year old though, with a name that I keep remembering as being not-quite-like "Jalfrezi".

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