Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Thought Provoking Radio

I was listening to BBC Radio Nottingham while driving this morning, not a station I ever have reason to listen to.

In their run up to coverage of the two minutes silence at 11.00am they put out what was a really intelligent and thought provoking piece involving a member of the Peace Pledge Union talking about pacifism and their views on Armistice Day.

As you might expect, it was controversial and support from listeners was scarce (although not non-existent). Nor did I agree with much of it, being both too cowardly to fight and too cowardly to conscientiously object. His stance was countered too by a representative from the Royal British Legion who – rightly – challenged a remark about veterans “marching with medals planning their next war”.

But it must be very easy to do straightforward and predictable pieces of radio for such occasions and this showed original thought. Well done BBC Nottingham.

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