Sunday, 29 November 2009

I'm Back!

I’ve been missing from the Blogosphere for a while now. The usual reason for that is that things are frantically busy and that’s as true now as ever.

A lot’s happened since I last wrote.

Mum had a quite serious “flare up” of her arthritis last week, while I was working in Manchester. As if that wasn't enough, I managed to pull a muscle in my leg. When we both ended up getting to the doctors', we had a walking stick each! Fortunately both maladies seem to be under control now. (I've often complained about getting appointments with my GP; encouragingly, I was given an appointment for 40 minutes after I called and Mum was telephone back by her doctor within an hour of her problems. Evidently, they're getting better.)

In the way of work, I’ve been lucky enough to have had a commission to do a tour of Lincoln, which I carried out a week ago (just as the leg was starting to play up!). Lincoln is a very beautiful city and – despite dire predications of continuous rain – it stayed dry for most of the walk with a very appreciative group. One of the participants, Rob Gillespie, as a professional photographer and his photos of the day are visible online at

Make a date and take yourself to Lincoln sometime (but unless you really like crowds, avoid the Christmas Market!).

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