Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summer Babies

Research has claimed, not for the first time, that summer-born babies struggle at school.

Well, with a birthday on 22 August I feel reasonably well placed to comment on this.

It's a load of drivel.

Although I *hated* school with a passion - and it hated me - I never "struggled".

People are people; some are good at things and some aren't. I'm good at remembering stories and making Lamingtons. I'm bad at football and playing the trumpet.

That's why I'm showing people around Symphony Hall, not playing in it. It also meant I never had to go to school on my birthday.......

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  1. My niece is a June baby, and is at present having a gap year before prospectively reading medicine at university: I do not think she struggled at school, but the fact that she is still in fact (and appearance) a very young 18 means that I think that it will be good for her, even if not for my brother's bank balance. Well, he chose to marry and have children, I didn't.