Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I've just been to the dentist, or more correctly to hygienist.

No problem. My teeth have been fine, as far as I'm aware. Well, they were, until she started scraping around on them with that horrid hook thing they brandish with such gusto. Now they hurt.

Also, she questioned me at length about what I eat. "Do you eat plenty of fruit?" she asked.

"Yes,", I said, feeling distinctly sanctimonious.

"Oh," came the reply "that's the problem. This leaves a lot of acid over the teeth which softens the enamel. That's why they seem so sensitive."

Apparently fruit is okay (d'uh?!) as long as I have it with meals, don't "snack" on it and don't brush for at least an hour afterwards, otherwise I'll spread the acids all over the place.

Isn't life complicated?

I'm off for a haircut later. I wonder if I'll find that I've been brushing my hair incorrectly?

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