Sunday, 4 October 2009

News Update: Students, Study and Streetscapes

I've been missing somewhat from the Blog lately as work seems to have gone completely bonkers.

As much as there was any pattern to it, many of my jobs lately seemed to involve students starting terms at the various local universities. To this end, I've been taking people around Birmingham and Coventry and - bizarrely - freshers from the University of Warwick to, er, Oxford for the day. Odd but this is a regular and much cherished booking each year. I'm happy to report that this year's intake seemed noticeably much alert and interested than some previous ones. Or maybe I'm just getting older and used to it!

In other news.......

I've enrolled to take exams for another Blue Badge, this time for the South West of England. This is a region very close to my heart (well parts of it anyway) but learning the required stuff for such a vast area is a tall order. Add to that a course I was already committed to to study the venues being used in London for the 2012 Olympics and I suspect I'll be having one of my hardest winters since I was a student, some 25 years ago!

And finally, I was asked by a regular client to do a new Birmingham walk this weekend. Given that they've done every conceivable "take" on Birmingham (and a number of inconceivable ones, like "Birmingham: City of Love"!), "something new" is a bit of a tall order. However, rising to the challenge, I took them to look at the bewildering variety of terracotta buildings which adorn the City Centre. I loved doing it, leading to another of those self-indulging posts I make here where I tell cyberspace how happy I am!

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