Saturday, 25 July 2009

If It's Saturday It Must Be England

I worked in Stratford with a Cypriot group this afternoon. It wasn’t a pleasure for either side, although I’m sure they were quite charming people.

Their day began at 2.00am, flying from Cyprus to Heathrow.

They were then taken to Oxford for a walking tour of the City and lunch.

Next they were brought to Stratford, where they were informed that a slightly odd bearded Englishman was about to take them on a tour. Needless to say, this was not joyous news for them, however brief I endeavoured to keep it. They then headed into Shakespeare’s Birthplace, although their Tour Manager only gave them 30 minutes to do that, which is hard going even when Stratford isn’t heaving with humanity (as it was today).

Then they left for their overnight hotel in…….Liverpool.

Apparently tomorrow they’re visiting Chester in the morning, doing a Windermere cruise in the afternoon and then heading for their overnight hotel in…….Glasgow.

As I said, very pleasant people I'm sure but I was glad I was only with them for half a day.

Why do people devise itineraries like this?

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