Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Aston Manor Road Transport Museum

Some of you will know of the Aston Manor Road Transport Museum, a collection of vintage public transport vehicles, moistly from the West Midlands, which has existed for many years inside the old Witton Tram Depot in Birmingham.

Well, after a long period of uncertainty, issues surrounding the future of the building and the funding of the Museum have come to a head and the collection needs to find a new home.   This is a long, involved story and rather sad story which I won't recount here, although you can read more about it here.

Well, through the good offices of Walsall council, a new home has been found in Aldridge (hooray!) but (there's always a "but", isn't there?) the Museum now have the not insignificant logistical problem of actually moving a lot of the exhibits.   To make matters worse, the City Council want possession of the site by 28 December 2011;  not a good time of year to arrange this, is it?   Given the fact that these are in many cases full-sized vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment this really is a major issue and the good folks there have appealed for help.   Specifically, they need things like a fork lift capable of lifting up to a ton, a suitable vehicle onto which to lift them and similar help at the Aldridge end.

If anyone reading this knows of someone able to provide help in this manner, could they contact Richard from the Museum on 0121-449 4606 as a matter of some urgency.

And even if you can't passing this message on via the likes of Facebook and Twitter would be appreciated.   I can't help personally but am happy to use my online presence to spread the word that help is needed.

If, as they say, you know a man who can, do get in touch with Richard.


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