Thursday, 1 July 2010

Oh Canada!

Today is Canada Day, worthy of a mention as it’s a place very dear to me.

That might seem a strange thing to say about a country I’ve only ever visited once, but it was where I proposed to my wife, on the shores of the incomparable Lake Louise so will always have a special place in my – our – hearts.

Like Australia, Canada combines all the things that are good about Britain and America, while, at least as far as I can see, managing to leave out the bad bits of both.

It is beautiful, democratic, open and fair; it also happens to be a monarchy and boast a large slice of French culture. Goodness, this place is heaven!

Happy Canada Day / Joyeux fête du Canada!


  1. The only problem is that the monarchy and the French culture are a bit like oil and water. I daren't say which is which though!

  2. Yes, I often hear that (although plenty of francophones have been happy to accept the post of Governor-General).

    The fact is, right now, Canada *is* a monarchy, whether certain parts of the population like it or not. I like that, therefore, I'm happy now. It might change (as it might in Australia or even the UK one day). But for now, people can splutter and shrug and disapprove as much as they like; it's a monarchy.

    As for the oil and water bit.......answers on a postcard. ;-)